Goodyear Zi Char

I love good food and I do not mean fancy restaurants. In the good old days when I was a boy, there were many zi char stalls at every corner and even the worst stall is better than most of what we are having today. Of course, there were some really good ones back then. With what is left today, it is really tough to find good zi char stalls but here at 15 Tampines Ave there is a Goodyear Seafood Village, just along Tampines Road. When you turn in, it may look quaint with bumpy road and car park and it can get crowded.

At first, you may think that you are in JB due to its old shop house facade and a sign that proclaimed its original Johor Pontian Bak Kut Teh. On one side is an air-conditioned unit which would be more comfortable but if you were to be seated just outside the air-conditioned unit, you can get hit by the strong smell of rubber from the tyres next door and in the open.

Walking forward to the front will lead you to a coffee shop styled unit and there are some tables lining the sidewalk of the coffee shop.

We were a little late for dinner and hungry and looking at the crowd, we were thinking it will be along night as staffs were so busy taking orders and serving.

Amazingly, once your order was taken, the food came fast and furious. First, the Mangolian prok ribs. Solid because it was just cooked and you can taste the searing heat on the pork ribs.

We wanted a bit of meat in the omelette so it came in a good size.

The kang kong was cooked a wee bit soft and the belacan was not burning hot type but it was good.

Curry fish head is a local favourite. It was piping hot when served. I drenched my rice with the curry and I drenched myself soaking wet from head to toe as it was a humid day. I looked like I came from a battle zone.

This is the very crispy Thai Sauce Chicken.  Nice.

I decided to try the Johor Pontian Bak Kut Teh. Piping hot served in claypot. The soup is little herbal but not overwhelming as some folks do not like very strong herbal taste, so this one is ok and the meat is tender.

Damage for the night to feed 4 persons (including 4 barley drinks) was $68.90. A very unique dining place with rather good food at a reasonable price.

You should try it. 


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